14 Tips To Make Six Pack Abs For Beginners

tips to make six pack abs for beginners

14 Tips To Make Six Pack Abs – Many people ask me always the tips to make six pack abs or tips for making six pack abs, I know that now a days everyone wants to look smart nobody likes big and flabby stomach with big tummy hanging over the belt.

Today everybody want to have fit and slim middle section so that they can wear what ever they like without thinking how do I will look.

To make six pack abs you have to follow very strict rules and restrictions. So in this post I am going to share some tips to make six pack abs.

Many people say that I am doing hundreds of ab crunches in gym then also why I am not able to see abs in my abdominal.

Lots of people don’t know the fact of building six pack abs is that to make six pack abs first of all you have to lose all the layer of fat from your stomach.

Because unless and until you will not lose those layer of fat from your stomach you are not going to see any abs no matter how many ab crunches you do and how many sit ups you do in gym or at home you are not going to see a single pack of abs forget to build six pack abs.So first priority is we have to burn all the fat from our stomach area.

Its much harder as compared to having a flat stomach because in this you have to get those firm six pack abs in your abdominal section not just to lose stomach fat so you have to be more serious if you want to get six pack abs.

I will give you certain tips to make six pack abs quickly and fast with 100% proven results if you will follow all the points mentioned.So are you ready to show your six pack abs to everyone then cheers so get ready to get sweaty.

Best Tips To Make Six Pack Abs

tips to make six pack abs for beginners


  1. Basic and very necessary step is eat right and healthy food what I mean here is avoid eating junk foods like chips,noodles,fried dishes and oily food. In short try to avoid eating oily food because if you include more oily food in your diet then your body accommodates more fat so you will not be able to get lean body if you are consuming more amount of fatty foods.
  2.  You have to do regular exercise means you have to lift weight because if you will do weight training then your body will burn more calories and thus you will lose more fat from your body. So try to do workouts 4 times in week.
  3. Try to include more cardio exercises in your workout routines because cardio exercises are the best to lose body fat and to burn maximum body calories, the more cardio workouts you will do the more body weight you will lose and more body fat.
  4. Remember that if you are doing high intensity workouts then you have to eat nutritious diet which are high in protein and carbohydrates because you body need energy to recover from heavy workouts and protein helps to build muscle and carbohydrates will provide you that energy. Banana are very high in carbohydrates.
  5. Drink plenty of water at least 1 to 2 liters a day because drinking plenty of water will help your body to remove wastes less stuff from your body and if you sweat a lot then you have to drink more water .
  6. Do abs crunches
  7. Do hanging leg raises
  8. Do incline bench sit ups
  9. Do oblique crunches these are some of the best abs exercises which will help you to get six pack abs without doing these four workouts you are not going to see progress for making six pack abs, So include these very important and vital four exercises in your abs building workout routine.
  10. For doing cardio exercises you can run on treadmill or you can do cycling, running, skipping.
  11. Remember not to go for high intensity cardio exercises before doing any cardio exercise consult your gym trainer on how to do cardio sessions because this is most important you have to do and do it in right way to get maximum results.
  12. For better results and to make lean six pack abs muscles try to do jogging in morning for about half an hour this will help you to lose some quick body fat and calories.
  13. Don’t go for dieting because this is not going help instead eat 3 to 4 small meals in a day with proper ratio of protein, carbohydrates.
  14. Don’t skip your break fast because if you will skip your break fast in morning you will feel more hungry by afternoon and you will eat more heavy meal and you will increase the chances of increasing level of fat in your abdominal section.


So these are some of the basic tips to make six pack abs and you need to follow all in order for building six pack abs, if you will follow the above mentioned tips on to make get six pack abs then surely you will not get disappointed and you will see results more quickly and fast.
Last do regular abs workouts and have proper diet then you will definitely get those six pack abs. If you like my post please share with your friends and if I have missed out on some points or you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to write in the comments section  and don’t forget to subscribe to get more such six pack abs tips ! Stay fit and healthy.

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