10+ Health Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate Powder & Shakes

health benefits of whey protein

Are you looking for what are the health benefits of Whey protein or whey protein benefits for your health and body then you are on the right post because here we are going to list all the major health benefits of taking whey protein in your diet.

Whey protein is one of the most popular dietary supplement which is available on the market right now and many are using it in their daily life. Whey protein is one of the top supplements which are at disposal to get high-quality protein and other valuable nutrients like BCAA’s, vitamins and minerals.

Whey protein is most popular in the bodybuilding sport among bodybuilders to build more muscles and if you are not doing bodybuilding then also there are many health benefits of whey protein.

No matter you are a runner, athlete, baseball player, men, women, senior or teen you will get all the benefits of consuming whey protein supplement.

Why Whey Protein Is Necessary?

health benefits of whey protein


The very first thing you must know that why whey protein is necessary in the first place then let us tell you that all majority of your body is made of up protein your muscles, cells, tissues etc.

Your body need ample amount of protein supply to maintain them. Do you know that our muscle tissues wear out and for rebuilding these muscle tissues you need to eat approx 25 to 30 grams of whey protein daily.

Whey protein contain all the essential amino acids and the most important are the BCAA’s ( Branched chain amino acids) which increases protein synthesis and helps us to build and maintain lean muscle mass in our body.

Many of us are not getting the ideal amount of protein through our diet and this is the reason why we feel more fatigue because protein helps us to get refreshed and reduce the fatigue.

The best way to get the high-quality protein is incorporate whey protein in your diet. You can take it in your morning breakfast meals, smoothies, protein bars and mix it with your delicious shakes.

Remember that instead of eating junk foods include whey protein in your daily intake and you will see many benefits of whey protein. These junk foods have low protein and high amount of fats and carbohydrates which puts a negative effect on your body and make you fat and gain unhealthy weight gain.

So if you want to avoid this situation make sure to take 25 to 30 grams of whey protein either in your diet or you can simply take whey protein shakes 2 times a day.

Now that you know why whey protein is important, let’s move on to see what exactly is whey protein and how it is made.

What is Whey Protein

Whey protein is the byproduct form during the process of making cheese. When the process of curd or cheese separation is done the remaining liquid which is left out is whey. It is then processed and

Whey is then readily available to us to buy from the marketplaces in the form of whey protein. Whey protein does not taste very good and this is the reason why many whey protein manufacturers provide whey protein in the form of flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and much more.

This helps us to drink whey protein and enjoy the delicious taste as well. One pro tip we would like to give you all is that make sure that you are having 2 to 3 flavors of whey protein in yourselves.

Because you will eventually get obsessed with one flavor and simply stop taking whey protein which is not the good thing to do. Because our body needs change and it quickly gets used to the certain type of things so to bring that variety and taste change you can buy 2 to 3 flavors of whey protein.

Different Types of Whey Protein

No, that you know what is whey protein and how it is available for you to buy from the market but which whey protein you must buy and what are the different types of whey protein available in the market.

Below you are going to see the different types of whey protein

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate ( WPC)
  2. Whey Protein Isolate ( WPI )
  3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate ( WPH )

Even though all the 3 types are considered as Whey protein but there are differences in each of them which you must know. Let take the first one

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate ( WPC )
    • The very first type is Whey protein concentrate it is one of the most popular forms of whey protein used by many men and women all over the world.
    • Whey Protein Concentrate consists of 70% of protein and 30% of fats, lactose, and carbohydrates.
    • Whey Protein Concentrate is ideal for any normal men and women who wants to build some muscle mass and gain healthy weight.
    • It is the cheapest amount the other 2 types
  2. Whey Protein Isolate ( WPI )
    • Whey protein Isolate is again very popular amount the professional bodybuilders who are doing bodybuilding because whey protein isolate helps to build lean muscles mass and reduces fat in the body.
    • Whey protein Isolate consists of 90% protein and 10% fat and carbohydrates. This makes it an ideal supplement for those who don’t want to gain weight in terms of fat.
    • Whey protein isolate helps us to build more lean muscle mass with the minimal amount of fat and carbohydrate. It goes to a longer filtering process during manufacturing.
    • Whey protein isolate is little costly as compared to whey protein concentrate.
    • For those who are lactose intolerant then replace your protein powder with whey protein isolate because it contain very minimal lactose which goes smoothly
  3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate ( WPI )
    • Whey protein hydrolysate is the most expensive among the other two types i.e concentrate and isolate whey protein.
    • Whey protein Hydrolysate goes through a rigorous filtering process as compared to Isolate and this is the reason why it is more expensive.
    • The biggest benefit of Whey protein Hydrolysate is that it’s absorption rate and it’s highly digestive and this is what make it so special. For those who find it hard to digest whey protein then try considering Whey protein Hydrolysate and this problem would be solved.

Now that you know all 2 different types of whey protein supplement let move on further to see what are the health benefits of Whey protein shakes.

Health Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate Powder  & Shakes

  1. Build Lean Muscles

    • This is what Whey protein powder is famous for and widely used by the professional bodybuilders and regular gym goers. Whey protein helps to build more lean muscle mass and provide essential BCAA’s to your body which is the building block of muscles.
    • Amino acids are very important if you want to build muscles and it has all the 3 most important amino acids which are called as branched chain amino acids which are Leucine, Isoleucine, and valine.
    • Among these, Leucine if the most important amino acid which promotes muscle growth and increase the protein synthesis in our muscles tissues.
    • The higher the protein synthesis the more muscles you can build if you are taking the ideal amount of whey protein.
    • Generally, it is suggest to take 0.1 to 1 grams per pound of the body and for any healthy individual 25 to 30 grams of protein is adequate to see positive results.
    • However, make sure to read the ingredients information to see exactly how much protein you will get per scoop and according to that take your protein shakes.
  2. Faster Recovery

    • How many times you return home from the gym feel exhausted and fatigued more often right? So this is where whey protein is so handy.
    • Whey protein will cut down your recovery period and decrease the fatigue drastically and you will feel fresher and full of energy to do your next workout routine in the gym.
    • What exactly happens is when you do intense workouts your muscle tissues break and it takes a good amount of time to rebuild it.
    • For this you need to take a good amount of rest and Whey protein helps you to speed up the process by helping your body to repair the broken muscle tissues and makes it stronger.
    • By taking whey protein powder shakes just within 10 to 20 minutes after your workout session you will see good results.
  3. Lose Fat & Weight

    • Whey protein helps our body to lose fat and preserve muscle mass, Many men, and women who opt dieting to lose fat do the very big mistake.
    • They step on the weighing machine and are glad to see that they are able to lose 4 pounds of weight but they don’t know what exactly has happened.
    • Instead of losing fat they are also losing muscle mass from their body which is the absolutely wrong thing to do.
    • When you are trying to lose fat then make sure you are hitting the bull’s eye and not losing the hard earned lean muscle mass and one of the best ways to make sure that you don’t love your muscle mass is to take whey protein shakes.
    • Whey protein powder helps your body to preserve muscle mass during the weight loss or fat loss process and this makes sure that all the weight loss efforts you are putting in are dong exactly what you wanted.
  4. Control Hunger

    • Whey protein does the very good job to control satiety the feeling of fullness. It gives you the feeling of fullness and curbs the feeling of hunger to eat more.
    • Most men and women who want to lose weight and burn more calories are unable to do this despite doing workouts in the gym is that they cannot control their hunger and they eat more calorie as compared what they burn.
    • If you are not burning enough calories what you are consuming then you are not going to lose weight and the best way to avoid this and see positive results is to take whey protein shakes before and after your workouts.
    • Whey protein helps you give that feeling of hunger which increases the feeling of satiety and thus you eat fewer calories and will be able to lose weight.
  5. Strong Immune System

    • The Strong immune system is very important to protect our body from various diseases and if your immune system is weak then you will be more prone to get affected by many viral infections and diseases.
    • As you grow old your immune system gradually weakens and this is the reason why senior people are more prone to diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.
    • One of the best ways to strengthen your immune system is to take well-balanced diet but most of the time many men and women are not able to get it.
    • Even they manage to get balanced diet but experts believe that that is not sufficient to strengthen your immune system.
    • So what is you can do now? Incorporate Whey protein in your diet and you can drastically make your immune system stronger which will help your body to fight against various diseases.
    • You can take whey protein in the form powder shakes and gulp it 2 times a day that’s it.
    • Whey protein helps our body to increase the production of the very strong antioxidant called Glutathione ( GSH ) which helps our body to regulate our immune functions and at the same time makes it stronger.
  6. Healthy Bones

    • Whey protein helps our bones to stay stronger and makes it less prone to bone fractures.
    • You must be knowing that as you grow older your bone calcium level decreases thus increases the chances of bone fracture but taking whey protein helps your body to maintain the healthy level of calcium in your bones which avoids bone fractures.
    • You can get protein from animal sources and plant sources while the former is more effective as it very easy to digest as compared to animal protein.
    • You can take whey protein in various forms like protein powder shakes and delicious smoothies.
    • Whey protein offer 800 mg of calcium from 100 grams of whey protein and the ideal calcium which is required is approx 1000 mg per day. So if you are not having adequate calcium levels especially in the senior citizens you must definitely start taking whey protein shakes daily twice a day.
    • Whey protein also helps to maintain a healthy bone mineral density and thus making your bones more healthy and strong which decrease the chances of getting fractured bones and injuries.
  7. Muscle Loss

    • Muscle loss is serious condition especially seen in senior men and women. As you grow older you body starts to lose muscle due to any chronic disease, low physical activity, low metabolism.
    • Whey protein helps to prevent muscle loss in senior citizens and helps them to build muscles. Remember as you grow older you body muscle building and retaining capability decreases and thus you need to make sure that you are getting enough protein so that you can avoid these situations.
    • And the best way to do is taking 0.5 to 1 grams per pound of your body weight. Generally, 25 to 30 grams of whey protein powder per day adequate to prevent muscle loss in senior citizens.
  8. Increase Endurance

    • This is the biggest benefits of whey protein powder as they help you to increase your endurance level. Having a high endurance level is very important especially if you are having a very busy schedule.
    • Taking 2 to 3 protein powder shakes and significantly increase your body endurance level and you will feel less fatigue and you can enhance your performance no matter what you do in your day to day life.
    • So if you feel that you feel more fatigue after returning from 9 to 5 job then it’s the time to do some changes in your diet plan. We would highly recommend you to take 1 to 2 whey protein shakes and you can see very positive results.
  9. Boost Workout Intensity

    • How many of you go to the gym and don’t feel like lifting the weight and we guess that many of you right? So why actually you are feeling this because your body don’t have that enough energy levels to do the workout.
    • Taking 25 to 30 grams of whey protein shake prior to the workout can literally solve this problem because it serves as the energy provider to your body when it needs.
    • This can really take your workout to next level of intensity and your recovery time will be much lower. What difference this makes it that you will feel more charged up in the gym to lift more weights.
    • The more weights you lift your body muscles get stronger and get bigger and better.
  10. Stress Buster

    • This is the another major health benefits of whey protein powder as they help you to reduce the amount of stress you are feeling and give you more comforting feeling.
    • Whey protein has a very important stress reliever amino acid called Tryptophan which gives the feeling of calmness and sleepiness.
    • Whey protein also helps your brain to produce more serotonin which helps you to avoid anxiety and depression and keeps you calm and happy.
    • When your brain serotonin level drops you feel depressed and low self-esteem and the best way to increase your serotonin levels is to take whey protein shakes.

So this where the health benefits of Whey protein powder shakes we really hope that you loved this article. If yes then feel free to share with your friends and family members who are blindly taking whey protein powder and exactly don’t know what are the actual health benefits of whey protein supplements.

You can share this article on facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and other social media sites to help us to spread the awareness about advantages of whey protein powder. If we have missed any benefits then feel free to let us know in the below comments.

Are you taking Whey protein shakes? What benefits have you seen? We would love to hear from you in the comments section. Thank you

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