15 Tips To Make Body Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

how to make body like arnold

If you want to make body like Arnold Schwarzenegger or thinking how long it will take to make a body like Arnold then this post will tell you how exactly you can to make a body like Arnold.

First of all it takes lots of hard work and dedication to get body like arnold schwarzenegger, he started doing bodybuilding at the age of 12 and by the time he was 20 he became the youngest bodybuilder ever in history of bodybuilding to win Mr Universe title.

How To Make Body Like Arnold

how to make body like arnold


To get body like arnold you have to be always dedicated to your workouts, diet and goal. Setting a goal for yourself is very important because if you don’t have any goal of what you are doing then you will never succeed.

Arnold was a bodybuilder who had a tremendous amount of belief and confidence within himself that no matter against whom he is competing or who is the competitor, he was like I will win kind of belief within himself and that’s why he also won Mr Olympia title 7 times.

To get more details and see him training you can watch the movie The Pumping Iron it’s great movie which show how arnold was training, what diet he used to have, what were his strategies during competition and many more. It’s Documentary movie but its great to watch.

15 Tips To Make Body Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Now come to point on how to make body like arnold then below are some tips how you can get body like him.

  1. You have to train hard which proper technique and guidelines because if you are not training properly then you are not going to be successful of what you are trying to achieve. To make a body like arnold which was great to watch with huge muscles and symmetry and proportion you must train in proper manner.
  2. Avoid eating fatty and oily foods because this will increase your body weight and you will become fat instead try to eat diet which is high in protein and carbohydrates. Another reason is that if you will eat unhealthy diet then you will consume more calories and more calories means more weight and that is not good for you.
  3. Put lot of concentration on doing weight training exercises because weight training exercises are the one by doing which you can get maximum muscles you cannot gain muscles while doing exercises like aerobics, swimming or jogging. So get more focused to weight training instead of other workouts method.
  4. Don’t try to show off to your friends and  other gym members that you are arnold and I am the king of the gym who can do 100 pounds barbell curl this is not going to help you in anyway. By doing this you can only get torn muscles and injuries because doing exercises with the weight with which you can’t do 1 rep is waste of time and effort.
  5. You must feel the weight and concentrate on your targeted muscle while doing workouts because if concentrate on your targeted muscle while lifting weights then your muscles get more contracted and flexed and thus you can gain maximum lean muscles like arnold schwarzenegger.
  6. Avoid access consumption of alcohol and smoking because you are try to develop your body not to destroy your body. These are the things that can very easily ruin your overall goal of making a body like arnold. Stay focused and avoid such things.
  7. You can watch videos, read magazines and other bodybuilding related stuffs out there on the internet to gain more knowledge about bodybuilding and try to grasp some tips from there, this will help you immensely.
  8. Don’t think that if I will workout 7 days a week then I will quickly gain more muscles and become like arnold this is not right. Instead of doing workouts 7 days a week try to do workout for 4 days and take some rest for other days because this is necessary to get the muscles healed up and feel relaxed from the heavy workout routine.
  9. To be extraordinary bodybuilder like arnold schwarzenegger you cannot train like ordinary bodybuilder this means you have to push your limits during your workouts and must train really very hard if you want to become like arnold.
  10. Talk with your gym instructor ask him which exercises are best and which exercises will help me to gain more muscles and I am sure he must be having some really good tips and suggestion that will help to gain maximum muscles with minimum effort.
  11. Don’t train all your body parts in one day instead divide your body workouts in days like you can do chest and biceps workout on one day, shoulder and triceps on another day by doing this you will be able to concentrate on one muscle group at time and you can see the results of getting a body like arnold schwarzenegger.
  12. Most important you must have patience because your body is human body it’s not a machine.It takes lot of time to build muscles, Professional Bodybuilders train for years to make such huge body and muscles. Don’t get frustrated if you are not getting to see the results, the results will reflect as you continue to do workouts and stay focused on achieving your goal as the time goes by.
  13. Bodybuilder shout and cry in gym’s during workouts they are so dedicated towards their workout and their goal. I am not asking you to shout and scream in your gym this only indicates that how badly they are striving to achieve their goal and how focused they are. So you must also stay focused during your workouts.
  14. Avoid the use of Steroids and use natural food supplements because there are many teenagers who want to get big as possible in short amount of time and get prone to steroids the bad thing of using steroids is as the time goes on they get addicted to it. Another reason to avoid using steroids while doing bodybuilding is as you will continue to use it you will increase the chances of various health diseases and you will increase the chances of heart attack.
  15. You can take food supplements like protein powders, include fruits and vegetables in your diet,you can also eat meat,chicken,egg and there are many more natural sources of protein which will definitely help you to get big and muscular.

Final Words

So these are some of the tip on how to make body like arnold schwarzenegger, Guys my advice to you all is never get over excited and over train yourself this will not help you. Take your time and stay focused and you will definitely be able to get somewhat similar body like arnold schwarzenegger.

One can see development in six months while other will take some more time to see muscular development, not everybody are equal and everybody has same body, It all depends upon genetics, body structure ,diet intake,intensity of weight training and most importantly time. To get body like arnold you got to have patience and dedication of making a body like him.

So this was how to make body like arnold schwarzenegger,If you like my post and if you are fan of bodybuilding please share with your friends and if you have other tips running through your mind you are free to post in comment section, any queries and suggestions are most welcome and don’t forget to subscribe to get more such bodybuilding tips

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