John Abraham Body Building Tips & Six Pack Abs Workout

john abraham bodybuilding tips
John Abraham Body Building Tips: Are you looking for John Abraham Body Building tips or John Abraham six pack abs workout then you have landed on the best blog because here I am going to share the best John Abraham Body building tips & six pack apps workout. We all know John Abraham is one of the Bollywood celebrity who physique is so awesome that we all dream to make body like him.

Not only his has good muscular body but his has super height also to cover his large body frame. He is working hard for his latest film and want to get in his best shape. John Abraham is one actor who is very famous for is body, his love for the sport of body building and this can be seen lately in the news also.

In his movie Force you can see his muscular body and six pack abs which instantly made the movie a super duper hit. Many youngsters want to know what is john abraham workout routine is and want to get somebody building workout so that they can  get the physique like him.
In this post we are going to share exactly the same with you and if you will follow all the body building tips mentioned here then with regular workout and proper diet plan you can achieve the body like John Abraham.
So first we are going to see John Abraham body building tips and then we will see six pack abs workout. If you want to can share this on your Facebook, twitter or WhatsApp so that you can refer to this post later. Thus without wasting any time let get to the business guys.

John Abraham Body Building Tips & Six Pack Abs Workout

john abraham bodybuilding tips


I can see that you are very curious to know the secrets to make body like John but your waiting period is over as below you are going to find the best body building tips and six pack apps workout

John Abraham Body Building Tips

1. Right Gym Selection
  • This really very important for anybody who wants to make body like John Abraham. If you workout in a shit gym where there are not all the basic exercise equipment’s then you will not be able to train your body properly.
  • Because this is very crucial if you are just a beginner then your body needs to get proper training so that your body gets sculpted in the right shape and size.
  • So find a gym and don’t neglect the gym after looking the fees 100 bucks more to build your body is worthy then to spend 500 bucks on the late night parties
2. Get Motivated
  • John Abraham is really very motivated while he is doing his workout routine and you must also get motivated and stay focused because staying motivated is very important since there will be time when you will not fell like going to gym and do your workouts.
  • But if you are really inspired with John’s body then you can watch his photos, pictures, videos on you tube to get pumped up and hit the gym.
  • Motivation is really a driving factor which will push you when you don’t feel like doing exercise.
3. Proper Form
  • We have seen many beginners opting wrong exercise techniques and form while doing the workout. In order to get the full benefits of your workout routines you must always do all your exercise with proper form.
4. Start Slowly
  • I know that you get very inspired by looking at John Abraham body but it’s not like you have to hit the gym and start lifting weights like a pro bodybuilder.
  • You don’t want to be that mass hunk’s which looks odd to many men and especially women. Women wants slim with average muscular guys. So if your planning is to impress your girlfriend by your physique then start slowly.
  • As you will get experienced you can start increasing your training intensity.
5. Compound Movements
  • We know that we all want to get going easy and this applies in the gym also, you don’t like to pick up the weight plates and insert in the bench press. Many beginners are preferring machines over free weights but if you really want to make good body then you have to do compound exercises.
  • Workouts like bench press, barbell squats and shoulder press are great compound workouts which hits many muscles at the same time.
6. Full Body Workout 
  • I know that you want to get John Abraham body as quickly as possible so you must be thinking that training only your upper body part but this is not going to take you through your goal.
  • If you look at John Abraham photos then his body is having a great symmetry from top to bottom and his legs are also big enough to suit his physique.
  • This mistake is especially done by many young guys and the only business they want is to make big biceps and triceps that’s it but this is wrong and do you want people to call you as chicken leggier No right.
  • So always do full body workout routine and this will really help you to get excellent body with symmetry and proportion.
7. High Protein Diet
  • In order to build muscles you need to take high protein diet along with good carbohydrates, fiber and essential fats.
  • Without adequate protein intake you will not be able to build muscles like John.
  • Protein is the essential amino acid which is required to build new muscle tissues and cells and if you want to build muscles quickly then you need to increase your protein intake.
  • You can take good protein supplement like whey protein to supplement your daily protein requirements.
8. Avoid Over Training
  • Oh gosh! you are having John Abraham body postures all over you bed room and you are looking at his body and dream to achieve similar physique as quickly as possible.
  • But John is doing workouts since he was in his modeling career so the key here is to have patience and ultimately you to get the results you are looking for.
So these are 8 best John Abraham body building tips which you must follow and now were are going to see how you can get six pack abs like him and the workout that you need to follow.

John Abraham Six Pack Abs Workout Tips

  • Avoid Junk foods as much as you can we would say that if possible complete avoid it because this is not going to help you to make six pack abs like John.
  • Avoid Oily, Canned foods, Chips, fried and sugary foods as this are the biggest obstacles which will halt your process to make six pack apps like John.
  • To make six pack abs you need to take high protein low carb diet the more protein you have in your body the better. Well, this does not meant that you need to cross the recommended dosage of 25 to 50 grams of protein per day.
  • Taking protein more than the recommended does will not give you additional benefits as you body can only consume enough of it and any excess protein will be washed out through your system.
  • Ideally you need to take 0.5 to 1 grams per pound of your body weight and this is the recommend dosage by fitness professionals.
  • Do your abs workout at least 2 times a week and do your cardio workouts as well to burn those extra calories and fat from your body.

John Abraham Six Pack Workout

Below is the John Abraham six pack abs workout routine and make sure that you are doing all the below mentioned exercises at least twice a week since abs muscles are very small and inorder to get that ripped and shredded abs you need to train your abs muscles at least twice along with little cardio exerice in the end to burn more fat from your waist and stomach area.

Six Pack Abs Workout Routine

  1. Hanging Leg raises – 3 sets [ 8 to 10 reps ]
  2. Normal Lying Crunches – 3 sets [ 8 to 10 reps ]
  3. Oblique Crunches – 3 sets [ 8 to 10 reps ]
  4. Seated Leg Raises  – 3 sets [ 8 to 10 reps ] Sit on bench press machine
  5. Ab Crunch Machine – 3 sets [ 8 to 10 reps ]


So Guys these are the John Abraham body building secrets to make superb physique and if you will follow all the above mentioned tips then there is no way that you can make body like him. Please share with your friends on Facebook, whatsapp and twitter.
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