Top 10 Bodybuilders In The World Of All Time

top bodybuilders in the world

Who are the top bodybuilders in the world and who were the best bodybuilders of all time then there were many bodybuilders who took bodybuilding as their career option and some become successful.

Some become very popular like Arnold schwarzenegger and some of them were enjoying the sport of bodybuilding.

But nevertheless bodybuilding is great sport which is loved by millions of people nowadays but there were some top bodybuilders have officially retired from bodybuilding and as professional bodybuilders.

But they are considered as top bodybuilders in world of all time.So in this article you we see who are the top bodybuilders in the world ,Bodybuilding is one of the toughest sport among all the sports played nowadays around the world and to excel and become a champion in this sport like bodybuilding is not easy.

Top 10 Bodybuilders In World of All Time

top bodybuilders in the world

1 – Ronnie Coleman

Top Bodybuilders In World
Ronnie Coleman
Many other articles and listings will have had Arnold placed in the number one spot. No doubt Arnold is probably the most popular bodybuilder and also has an astonishing 7 Olympia victories under his belt, and had an unmatched physique for his time, but let’s think about it more thoroughly.
If Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman stood head to head both in their prime, how big would the difference be? Of course it is unfair to compare the two, since sports supplementation, training, and much more has advanced in the many years between the bodybuilders competitive career.
but it is undeniable that Ronnie Coleman was superior. Ronnie stood as high as 290+ pounds on the competitive stage and every body part was considered a strong one. His back is considered to be the best in all of bodybuilding. Huge 23″ arms with incredible bicep

2 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Top Bodybuilders Of All Time
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger was the face of bodybuilding, and even now when you mention the word “bodybuilding”, most people will still think about Arnold. Arnold was ahead of his time and promoted bodybuilding not only through the competitive stage, but his massive physique gave him unique roles in action movies.
Arnold won 7 Mr. Olympia titles. He is most notable for his Chest, Biceps, and Calves. His legs were not horrible, as they were good for their time, but do not match up to the current expectations of bodybuilders. Arnold stood 6’2″ and competed usually around 240 pounds.

3 – Lou Ferrigno

Top Bodybuilders In World
Lou Ferrigno
Granted that Lou never won the Mr. Olympia title (the biggest accomplishment a bodybuilder can achieve). Lou played a MAJOR impact in promoting bodybuilding in the industry today. Similarly to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
if you mentioned bodybuilding, a picture of the incredible hulk (lou ferrigno) will most likely come to mind. Lou was a very tall bodybuilder but made up for it with incredible size. He even made Arnold Schwarzenegger look small at times. To many, he may be known mostly for his role in the incredible hulk series.

4 – Dorian Yates

Top Bodybuilders Of All Time
Dorian Yates
This six-time Mr. Olympia winner set a new standard for size. Dorian is an English bodybuilder that is most known for his extreme work ethic and intense training.
Although Dorian never had the genetic advantage that most bodybuilders have, he made up for it by training intense with very heavy weight.
He also was one of the first bodybuilders to create a personal training video that showcased what he put into the gym. Even with a torn bicep, Dorian was able to win the Mr. Olympia competition.

5 – Lee Haney

Top 10 Bodybuilders In The World
Lee Haney
Lee Haney shares the 8-consecutive Mr. Olympia title record with Ronnie Coleman. Similarly to Dorian, Lee brought incredible size and proportions to the stage.
Standing around 5’11″ tall, Lee competed at around 245 pounds. He had charisma and confidence and retired at the early age of 30 (bodybuilders are known now to compete well into their 40’s).

6 – Franco Columbu

Top 10 Bodybuilders In World
Franco Columbu
Franco was a friend that was often seen training with Arnold in the Pumping Iron film. He is one of the most popular shorter bodybuilders and has won the Mr. Olympia competition during his prime.
Along with his popularity as a short bodybuilder, Franco was known for his incredible strength. Most people would be surprised to know that Franco could bench, dead lift, and squat more than Arnold could.

7 – Sergio Oliva

Top Bodybuilders In World
Sergio Oliva
Sergio oliva was another bodybuilder that was way ahead of his time. Sergio had incredibly massive arms and unmatched legs for his time.
Bodybuilders have only been able to match the leg size proportions in the more recent years of bodybuilding where most people in that era didn’t have much leg development at all.
He had an incredibly small physique and has won the Mr. Olympia competition three times.

Final Words

So these are top 7 bodybuilders in the world of all time and they are considered as the legends in history of bodybuilding sport, Even though they are retired from doing bodybuilder but they love this sport like nothing and they all have promised that they will continue to follow the sport of bodybuilding throughout their life.

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