Whey Protein Side Effects – Powder,Shakes side effects for Bodybuilding

whey protein side effects

Are you looking for Whey protein side effects or Whey protein supplements side effects for Bodybuilding then you have landed on the best blog post as here we are going to share all the side effects of Whey protein shakes and powders.

You must know that Whey Protein is one of the most popular food supplement in the world right now. No matter you are Men, Women, Elder, Younger citizen, Runner, Athlete or doing Bodybuilding etc.

Whey protein is the most widely used supplement but there are certain side effects of Whey Protein shakes which you might know or don’t. To be honest with your guys yes there are many side effects of Whey Protein especially if you don’t take is properly.

So in this article, we are going to take a look at all the side effects of Whey Protein Powders and what we can do to get rid of these side effects. Thus without wasting much time let’s quickly dive in the post to learn more about Whey protein supplements side effects for bodybuilding.

Whey Protein Powder, Shakes Side Effects for Bodybuilding

whey protein side effects

1. Osteoporosis

  • Osteoporosis is a condition when your bone density, as well as bone calcium level, goes down and this increases the risk of bone damage and risk of bone breaking.
  • However, there has not been a written evidence about it that whey protein causes Osteoporosis but yes according to some surveys they say that it can be possible.
  • Basically what happens here is if you will take Whey protein in excess amount then it causes the mineral imbalance in your body which makes your bone weaker and this increase in the chance to get Osteoporosis.

  2. Liver Failure & Problems

  • Liver problems also occur when you are taking extremely high doses of Whey protein supplements and especially beginners make this mistake and think that the more protein their body will have the more muscles they will build but it is not like that.
  • In fact, the risk factor increases a lot since it’s your liver responsibility to process all the food which you eat and if you are taking way high then the recommended dose of Whey protein shakes then you will definitely face live problems.
  • To avoid these side effects you must always consume only the recommended amount of protein so that it does not put much strain on your liver.
  • By consuming the recommended dose of Whey protein not only you are keeping your liver healthy and safe but also you are going to see much better results both in terms of faster recovery and in bodybuilding also.
  • Remember liver is one of the biggest and main organs in our body so don’t put in danger by being greedy and thinking that more protein is more muscle. Believe us there are no additional benefits of crossing your limits and going overboard.
  • So don’t waste your hard earned money on doing the things which you really dangerous for your health.

3. Kidneys Failure and Problems

  • This is another important organs in our body but there is no scientific evidence that Whey protein causes kidneys failure or severe problems.
  • However, kidney stress and damage may occur if you are ingesting too much Whey protein and this can really put a lot of stress if you are using it for a very long time.
  • But if you taking the recommended dose of 0.5 grams per pound of the body then you will be fine in most of the cases.
  • We always say that no matter you are taking food supplements, powder, shakes or anything there are side effects of them also if you don’t follow the doses rules.

4. Baldness

  • I know you want to know about whether long-term use of Whey protein shakes can cause baldness or not. Then you don’t have to worry there is good news for all you guys that whey protein does not cause baldness.
  • One of our students who is taking whey protein for doing bodybuilding and he is taking around 1 gram per pound of his body since he is a professional bodybuilder he needs a little higher dose of protein powders to build and maintain to big muscles.
  • We have not seen any sign of baldness and we can say it pretty confidently that taking whey protein supplements will not cause baldness.
  • Baldness is caused by the use of steroids and whey protein is not a steroid so you don’t have put a lot of stress on your mind and worry about this.


  • Many whey protein users are frequently complaining that one of the major side effects of whey protein shakes is they have the bloated stomach.
  • The reason for this might be either from excess gas or fluid caused by the use of Whey protein supplements.
  • We have seen n number of men and women complaining about bloating issue and this is really not a pleasant condition for anybody.
  • Basically, majority of the time your stomach is seen bloated and even if you are skinny then also you might experience that your stomach is looking a little big and runs out of proportion.
  • The best way to avoid bloating is to take some anti-gas pills which can really help you a lot and make sure that you are taking 0.5 grams of whey protein per pound of your body and 1 grams of whey protein if you are doing bodybuilding or in bodybuilding or fitness industry.
  • There are many good anti-gas and anti-bloating supplements in the market and the best place to buy it is amazon.com.
  • Just in case you want you can simply visit amazon and search for anti-bloating supplements.

6. Lactose Intolerance

  • Well, lactose intolerance is one the biggest whey protein side effects which are experienced by many of us and the best way to avoid it is to take whey protein isolate as compared to normal whey protein powders.
  • For you information, there are 3 types of Whey protein in the market right now which you can buy
    1. Whey Protein Concentrate
    2. Whey Protein Isolate
    3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate
  • Among the above 3 types Whey protein concentrate is most widely used, whey protein isolate is used by professional bodybuilder and those who really want to build lean muscle mass.
  • If your goal is to build lean muscle mass and get a lean body with less fat then you must go with Whey protein isolate only and not with concentrate form as they contain more carbs.
  • Whey we are recommending Whey protein isolate is that it contain more protein vs carbs ratio which only 1% of lactose and this makes a perfect supplement for those who face lactose intolerance problem while taking Whey protein shakes.
  • The best whey protein isolate in the market right now is Optimum Nutrition Standard Gold Whey Protein and right now it’s the highest selling protein powder in the world.
  • If you also face lactose intolerance problem then we highly recommend you to buy ON Whey protein from Amazon.com only as they are most trusted e-commerce website in the world.
  • Remember fake supplement industry is huge and if you take them from non-trusted supplement company then there are more chances that you might get the fake one and believe us fake supplements don’t get that strict and rigorous quality check.
  • So this is really a very dangerous thing So we recommend you to buy food supplements from Amazon link. Just to help you more we have given the direct link to amazon website so that you can purchase is directly.

Final Words:

So, guys, this is it we tried our level best to explain all the Whey protein side effects and these are the major ones which most men and women face. If you are also facing some side effects of Whey protein shakes then do let us know in the comment section below and we will try to answer all your queries.

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